An Intriguing Family Saga

The Hustings A Family Web Available HERE

The Hustings is a family saga that follows the life of the main character, Veronica, from birth to age 70. She is born into privilege and is challenged to understand the difference between being happy and being rich. Ronnie moves away, marries for riches, and plans never to return. When her life falls apart, she returns to Delaware. Family secrets, once unveiled, bring Ronnie home where she belongs, but continued tragedy leads to disaster for both Ronnie’s daughter and grandchildren. Good and evil mix as the remaining Hustings navigate a family web in a story that is filled with intrigue and plot twists.

One thought on “An Intriguing Family Saga

  1. The Hustings is exactly what the subtitle alludes to – a family web! This riveting story of a wealthy family will leave the reader wondering when the mini-series will be released! It takes the reader through a family’s history, which includes decades of family life intertwined in each other, with twists and turns the reader will not expect! Imagining the characters as they grow and get involved in situations, whether it be through their choice or not, leaves one intrigued. I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end, and am awaiting the sequel . . .


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