About the Author

D. L. Gollnitz is an educator who dedicated her greatest energy to coaching young writers in high school classrooms. After earning a doctorate in education, she served for many years in public school administration. Her passion for a good story and intriguing characters fuels her inspiration to create fiction for entertainment.

The reading list that fills Gollnitz’s bookshelves and e-reader is very diverse. It reflects support of all writers. Fiction genres range from thriller and crime to suspense, cozy mystery to historical fiction, and family sagas. Audio books accompany her on walks and during full days of quilting. Physical book copies are her favorite for deep reading and analysis.

Gollnitz considers fiction writing to be both a skill and an art, and other writers always inspire her next chapter.

Her writing includes published academic text and fiction, as well as promotional articles for philanthropic and fundraising organizations. Gollnitz is available for review and critique of any type of writing.


Gollnitz lives in the Midwest with her husband and enjoys the four seasons that inspire creativity. She enjoys quilting and participates in a local sewing group that creates joyful quilts for patients in hospice care.

Quilts are sold on ETSY or HERE.