The Hustings Sequel Has Arrived!

In this fiction novel that challenges religious beliefs, a haunting past is resolved when Ronnie confronts visions from heaven, faces evil that devastated her family, and supports unthinkable actions to reconcile past wrongs.

Veronica Emma Mae Husting has reinvented herself more than once in a chase for elusive happiness. Ronnie finally comes home but experiences a near-death accident that forces her to face the past, present, and possible future during a visit to the afterlife. She learns what is important without totally abandoning the riches she has always adored.

Having reconnected with Ware Treallor, the true love of her life and father of her only daughter, Ronnie works to strengthen her family presence but discovers how much she has missed. This book carries the reader through Ronnie’s life in California and her fight to avoid addiction to prescription drugs, a threat brought on by a decision to marry for wealth.

Family secrets continue to surface as Ware and Ronnie reestablish the Husting estate that haunts them with tragedies that they must share with all their children and grandchildren.

Ware’s grown son and daughter by another marriage react to their father’s truths differently. Both are challenged to be with the person they love for reasons that vary as greatly as the family’s misfortunes. Ware discovers mysteries surrounding his sister Betty’s involvement in Ronnie’s broken past, and he takes drastic actions to bring Betty to the place she belongs.

The Hustings: Ronnie’s Resurrection brings each character to their intended home.

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The Sequel

The Hustings: Ronnie’s Resurrection

Work on The Hustings: Ronnie’s Resurrection is in the final stages. The work is complete and with Beta readers.

This sequel takes the reader on Ronnie’s journey to heaven during an extended coma. Ronnie struggles to makes sense of her experience, and her life is turned upside down when she and her lifelong soulmate and new husband uncover the evil deeds of their families. Beloved Betty, Ware’s sister and Veronica’s nanny and only known mother, has left a path of devastation in the Husting family and must pay for her sins.

More truths are revealed in The Hustings: Ronnie’s Resurrection. Heirs of the Husting family face difficult realities. Acceptance of life choices sparks a challenge to belief systems, leaving Ware and Ronnie to question the damage they may have done by reuniting after nearly 50 years of separation.

The family struggles with questions about relationships. Why stay true to what you believe when everyone around you has different understandings of the good life? What course should a parent take when offspring diverge from the path paved for them with love and care? How does a family reconcile differences in understanding right and wrong? Who pays the greatest price for staying true to one’s own beliefs?

The Hustings: Ronnie’s Resurrection stands alone for readers who have not had a chance to read the novel. Early lives of all characters play a role in how Ronnie’s Resurrection leads to acceptance and deeper love across a family that has been riddled with devastation. Readers may want to get familiar with the characters in A Family Web.

Read The Hustings: A Family Web to prepare for the release of The Hustings: Ronnie’s Resurrection.

The Hustings: A Family Web – Click Image to order

The novel introduces the reader to the Husting family and the layers of complexity created by early tragedy in Veronica Emma Mae Husting’s life. Reviewed by Green Gables Book Reviews, the book is highly rated and suggested for book club reads. Visit to read more.

Opportunities in COVID19

Isolation or Inspiration?

Time is always at a premium making it very difficult to write, read, organize, talk to friends and family on the phone, or just to sit and think. With COVID19, some of the time constraints may have been lifted.

Free hours have not been a bonus for everyone. People who are managing day jobs remotely have been experiencing very long work days.

Even with all of the challenges brought by stay-home orders, there is hope that the hurdles being managed are creating inspiration for present or future work.

Look for the Humor

In the stress and frenzy of working from home, everyone is learning a great deal about human nature. The capacity to manage deadline-driven tasks while learning how to apply technology for productivity can be tested from time to time. Think of the potential for laughter in all of these trials. It is abundant!

Here are a few prompts to get those fingers flying, at least to jot down thoughts for another day:

  • How have personalities presented different sides during virtual work? Imagine a calm and composed colleague getting upset and shutting off the computer camera, a proverbial slamming door.
  • Who is the team member hiding behind the virtual wall and suddenly participating in radical ways? Capture this person suddenly offering profound suggestions that will shape the future of an entire business empire.
  • Did technology take on a role in your life that will alter how you function in the future? Describe your supervisor’s response when you refuse to travel because it is frivolous, now that you know how to use a virtual meeting platform.
  • Do you have newly designed COVID19 business attire? Think about your first day in a major meeting, prepared to present your four-month project to the Board of Directors, as you are dressed in your newest suit.

Get creative, create insanity out the moment, and help others laugh. Everyone can use a little levity.

Happy Writing!

Writers Reading

Simple Ideas to Remember

The more a writer reads, the greater his or her chances are for improved writing.

That statement seems to be universally accepted. Suppose, for just a moment, that the writer is distracted by the reading material. What if the material is outside the comfort zone and knowledge base of the writer? How, then, does that reading increase the chances of improved writing?

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Finding Seasonal Ideas

Writing Amidst the Buzz

It’s that beautiful time of year. There is much noise in our lives as we prepare for holidays and celebrations of all kinds.

The buzz in the air can be a distraction to any serious writing that often happens on the fringe of the day. One suggestion for mining inspiration is to allow yourself to feel the buzz and funnel it into creativity.

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When Writing Motivation Wanes

When you have written your characters into a corner and your mojo is leaving, how do you keep the production rate steady?

Think about a writing ASSIGNMENT that you had to complete at some point in your life. It could have been an essay for a history class, a chemistry lab report, or a literary analysis essay of your favorite classic novel.

Against your own druthers, you completed the work. You had to push forward, muster all of your writing energy, and just compose.

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Which verb tense?

Present, past, future, present perfect, past perfect?

How often have you found yourself changing verb tenses partway through a scene? Do you have any idea why this happens?

When we tell a story, the tenses seem quite natural. When we write a story, it’s very easy to get lost in the timeline.

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Finding Descriptions

Writing out of your era…

Descriptive writing brings text alive for readers. It allows the movie to roll in a reader’s’ mind, but only if the language is vivid and the description is real. Fantasy requires the author to create suspension of reality with believable description. Those setting aren’t necessarily real, but they do need to be plausible.

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