The Hustings Sequel Has Arrived!

In this fiction novel that challenges religious beliefs, a haunting past is resolved when Ronnie confronts visions from heaven, faces evil that devastated her family, and supports unthinkable actions to reconcile past wrongs.

Veronica Emma Mae Husting has reinvented herself more than once in a chase for elusive happiness. Ronnie finally comes home but experiences a near-death accident that forces her to face the past, present, and possible future during a visit to the afterlife. She learns what is important without totally abandoning the riches she has always adored.

Having reconnected with Ware Treallor, the true love of her life and father of her only daughter, Ronnie works to strengthen her family presence but discovers how much she has missed. This book carries the reader through Ronnie’s life in California and her fight to avoid addiction to prescription drugs, a threat brought on by a decision to marry for wealth.

Family secrets continue to surface as Ware and Ronnie reestablish the Husting estate that haunts them with tragedies that they must share with all their children and grandchildren.

Ware’s grown son and daughter by another marriage react to their father’s truths differently. Both are challenged to be with the person they love for reasons that vary as greatly as the family’s misfortunes. Ware discovers mysteries surrounding his sister Betty’s involvement in Ronnie’s broken past, and he takes drastic actions to bring Betty to the place she belongs.

The Hustings: Ronnie’s Resurrection brings each character to their intended home.

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Book Festival 2022!

Selected as Feature Novel

LA Times Festival of Books 2022

The Hustings: A Family Web

The Hustings: A Family Web Click Image to order

The Hustings: A Family Web will be featured at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2022. The book was selected for its strong storyline.

This year will be the 42nd year of the LA Times Book Festival and will be held on the USC campus April 23-24, 2002. Visit the website for detailed information.

The Hustings: A Family Web introduces the reader to the Husting family and the layers of complexity created by early tragedy in Veronica Emma Mae Husting’s life. Reviewed by Green Gables Book Reviews, the book is highly rated and suggested for book club selection.

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