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Meet the Husting Family

D L Gollnitz enjoys producing fiction for readers who want to see themselves in books they enjoy.

The Hustings: Ronnie’s Resurrection

This sequel to The Hustings: A Family Web follows Ronnie Husting through a transformation that allows her to understand what is most important in life. Her determination to reverse the damage caused to her family by her own carelessness drives Ronnie to reclaim what is hers, mend relationships, and open her mind to new possibilities.

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A sequel to The Hustings: A Family Web

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The Hustings: A Family Web

Published in 2019, The Hustings: A Family Web appeals to anyone who has dreamed of grand lifestyles and wondered what such a life would really be like. The book was selected for its strong storyline and will be featured at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2022. Read the blog for more information.

The Novel that begins the saga.

The Hustings is a family saga that follows the life of the main character, Veronica, from birth to age 70. She is born into privilege and is challenged to understand the difference between being happy and being rich. Ronnie moves away, marries for riches, and plans never to return. When her life falls apart, she returns to Delaware. Family secrets, once unveiled, bring Ronnie home where she belongs, but continued tragedy leads to disaster for both Ronnie’s daughter and grandchildren. Good and evil mix as the remaining Hustings navigate a family web in a story that is filled with intrigue and plot twists.

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The Husting Family Saga Continues

The Hustings: Ronnie’s Resurrection, a sequel coming soon, brings readers full circle in unraveling the mysteries of the extended Hustings family. You won’t want to miss a compelling read that appeals to readers finding their way through a shifting world.

Walk through Ronnie’s experience in a long-term coma that changed her understanding of family love and compassion.