Looking for a Winter Read?

The Hustings A Family Web Available HERE The Hustings is a family saga that follows the life of the main character, Veronica, from birth to age 70. She is born into privilege and is challenged to understand the difference between being happy and being rich. Ronnie moves away, marries for riches, and plans never to... Continue Reading →

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The Hustings: A Family Web

Order a signed copy of The Hustings in paperback or hardcover by visiting the online store. Ebooks are available through Google Books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, and other sites. Limited quantities of hardcover copies are currently in stock, so act fast if you are a hardcover book collector!

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  On a snowy January morning, a little poetry is in order. Happy Reading! D. L. Gollnitz poem-BlanketsDownload  

Writers Reading

Simple Ideas to Remember The more a writer reads, the greater his or her chances are for improved writing. That statement seems to be universally accepted. Suppose, for just a moment, that the writer is distracted by the reading material. What if the material is outside the comfort zone and knowledge base of the writer?... Continue Reading →

Finding Seasonal Ideas

Writing Amidst the Buzz It’s that beautiful time of year. There is much noise in our lives as we prepare for holidays and celebrations of all kinds. The buzz in the air can be a distraction to any serious writing that often happens on the fringe of the day. One suggestion for mining inspiration is... Continue Reading →

What is College Reading?

Available on Amazon.com The work of three colleagues resulted in a collection of work representing classroom and campus strategies across various types of college environments. What is College Reading? is a resource that all educators will value. Reading has taken on a different meaning over time. What has been lost in transition from printed text... Continue Reading →

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