Opportunities in COVID19

Isolation or Inspiration?

Time is always at a premium making it very difficult to write, read, organize, talk to friends and family on the phone, or just to sit and think. With COVID19, some of the time constraints may have been lifted.

Free hours have not been a bonus for everyone. People who are managing day jobs remotely have been experiencing very long work days.

Even with all of the challenges brought by stay-home orders, there is hope that the hurdles being managed are creating inspiration for present or future work.

Look for the Humor

In the stress and frenzy of working from home, everyone is learning a great deal about human nature. The capacity to manage deadline-driven tasks while learning how to apply technology for productivity can be tested from time to time. Think of the potential for laughter in all of these trials. It is abundant!

Here are a few prompts to get those fingers flying, at least to jot down thoughts for another day:

  • How have personalities presented different sides during virtual work? Imagine a calm and composed colleague getting upset and shutting off the computer camera, a proverbial slamming door.
  • Who is the team member hiding behind the virtual wall and suddenly participating in radical ways? Capture this person suddenly offering profound suggestions that will shape the future of an entire business empire.
  • Did technology take on a role in your life that will alter how you function in the future? Describe your supervisor’s response when you refuse to travel because it is frivolous, now that you know how to use a virtual meeting platform.
  • Do you have newly designed COVID19 business attire? Think about your first day in a major meeting, prepared to present your four-month project to the Board of Directors, as you are dressed in your newest suit.

Get creative, create insanity out the moment, and help others laugh. Everyone can use a little levity.

Happy Writing!