What’s your book about?

I stumble when people ask the simple question what are your books about? I’m not good with canned answers, even though that’s what authors are told to do – find one or two sentences that summarize their books.

You know the elevator summaries, like this from The Hustings: A Family Web:

When a family estate is split between an only child and an estate worker, lives take interesting turns and good mixes with evil. Ronnie Husting Simarillo Whatton learns what happiness really is when she is left to navigate through a family web that is filled with more secrets than even she knew existed.

This one is from The Hustings: Ronnie’s Resurrection:

A haunting past is resolved when Ronnie confronts visions from heaven, faces evil that devastated her family, and supports unthinkable actions to reconcile past wrongs.

I’m not good at summing up a story that follows a wealthy woman who is born into a dysfunctional family in 1945, raised by the family estate staff, acts like she is royalty of the 2000s, and just can’t get her life right until she’s losing everything that matters to her.

Did I just answer that question, what are your books about?

The first book follows the main character, Ronnie Husting, for seventy years, and a lot can happen in that amount of time!

Rather than worry about the elevator speech, I’d rather be telling people that The Hustings novels are intended for readers who don’t want a heavy analytical work to plow through. They are for readers who want to see themselves in books they enjoy. I prefer to write fiction to entertain, to give readers something engaging and thought provoking.

Readers will relate to the challenges families face when they bury secrets, cross the lines of traditional propriety and morals, and are faced with consequences that are devastating.

Get to know The Husting family:

You won’t be disappointed in the pace, intrigue, and relationships of characters that develop in A Family Web.

The Hustings: A Family Web (book 1 of 2)

In Ronnie’s Resurrection, religious belief systems are challenged as characters are pushed to reconsider their own long-held beliefs about relationships, the afterlife, and more.

The Hustings: Ronnie’s Resurrection (book 2 of 2)

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